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GBM Travel Solutions by GBM Consulting


GBM Travel Solutions
Travel Smarter.

GBM Travel Solutions offers "plug and play" corporate travel programs for small and midsize organizations, whether they have 1, 5, 50, 500 or 1500 travelers. 


Each program provides a simple and efficient way to obtain the organizational and traveler benefits achieved through a managed travel program, without having to invest the time and resources to create and manage a travel program on their own.


GBM’s “Plug and Play” Corporate Travel Programs

GBM’s corporate travel programs for small and midsize organizations make travel simple - whether your organization has 1, 5, 50, 500 or 1500 travelers!  All programs offer the benefits of the aggregated spend of GBM’s customers, while eliminating the need for each customer to individually contract with or manage travel suppliers. 


Life Sciences:  Dedicated to CROs, BioPharma, Medical Device and Diganostics companies, and the broader pharma services and clinical research industries that support them. This is a global travel program.  A streamlined solution is available for individual consultants and organizations with five travelers or less.

US Domestic:  Focused on supporting business travelers based in the US.  This solution can be for US based companies, or ex-US companies looking to support their staff in the US.  A streamlined approach is available for independent consultants.


International:  For non-Life Science companies with a broader geographic presence.  Travelers based in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, China, India and Japan can be supported, with additional countries to be added in 2023 based on demand. 


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Creates Program

Selects & Manages Suppliers

Negotiates commercial terms and traveler benefits

Defines options for travel policy and service delivery models

Travel Agency & Online Booking Tool


Car Rental Company


Other Travel Related Service Providers

Interested in learning more about how a GBM program can reduce management time spent on travel, improve the experience of your traveling staff and help manage travel costs? Send a message using the contact form below or schedule a meeting.

Latest Updates: as of Jan 10, 2023

All Programs are Live!  Customers are Booking Travel!

  • Travel Agencies: GBM has partnered with Corporate Travel Management (CTM) and Fox World Travel  to make these unique programs a reality.   Customers are aligned with a travel agency based on industry, geographic footprint and any special requirements.


  • Next Steps:  Whether you have questions or are interesting in signing up, contact GBM using the form below or schedule a meeting.  During the meeting GBM will review travel needs and program requirements with each customer to guide the selection of the best program and Service Model.


Want More Information or to Sign Up?

Want more Information about any of the programs?    Have questions about working with GBM to provide a travel solution?   Use the contact form below or use the Schedule a Meeting function. 

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Airline Discount Program for Business & Personal Travel

Staff of GBM customers can register to receive discounted fares with GBM’s first airline partner and book travel via the airline’s website or app.

sitting in airport

Business Travel

Corporate discounts on most fares

Travel originates and is purchased in the US or Canada on GBM’s airline partner or their partner airlines

Discounts available to the registered business traveler only

Family at Airport Gate

Personal Travel

Eligible for the airline’s discounts for personal travel offered to staff of corporate customers through 12/31/2023.

Staff member and up to 8 travel companions on the same reservation receive discounts on most fares

Origin or destination must be in the US on a flight marketed by the airline partner

For additional details about this program, including the name of the partner airline and sample airfares, send a message using the contact form below.  This pilot program can be a great employee benefit in a time of skyrocketing airfares!

Contact Form

Have a question?  Feel free to send a message using the “Contact David” form below, or use the Request Meeting link to schedule an initial discussion.

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